What user roles and permissions are in Paytron?

On Paytron, you and your professional colleagues can work as a team and maintain operational security. With our built in user roles and customisable permissions, you can easily incorporate your existing processes into Paytron.

Paytron has a few predefined roles, and we also give you the option to customise roles to suit your users role. 

Predefined Roles 

  1. Viewers can view conversions, payments and beneficiaries, but cannot create, approve, invite or manage users.
  2. Creators can view and create conversions, payments, beneficiaries and invite users, but cannot approve anything or manage users.
  3. Cardholder can view card details and upload expenses for their own card but cannot view all other company information. 
  4. Managers can view, create conversions, payments, beneficiaries, invite and manage users. Managers can also view all card accounts and manage company account information, Logos and API integrations.
  5. Custom can have access to allocated permissions

    NOTE: No user, no matter what their role is, can grant someone else permission to do something that they themselves do not have permission to do.


Definition of permissions 

Approval Manage allows the user to Approve, payments, conversions, expenses and payroll. 

Beneficiaries - Create allows the user to create and edit beneficiaries 

Beneficiaries - View allows the user to only view the beneficiaries details 

Billing Manage allows users to view subscription statements and card holder statements 

Cards - Manage allows users to manage and view all cards on a company profile, including creating cards, setting limits and paying off cards. 

Cards - User allows users to view only their card and expenses.

Cards - View allows users to view all cards on a company profile and to view all user statements.

Company Manage allows users to manage the company account, account information, Logos and API integrations.

Conversion - Create allows users to create conversions.

Conversion - View allows users to view conversions.

Payment - Create allows users to create and edit payments.

Payment - View allows users to view payments.

Payroll - Create allows users to create payroll batches. 

Payroll - View allows users to view all payroll functions and Pay details. 

Users - Invite allows users to invite other users to the platform.

Users - Manage allows users to invite and manage all user permissions.