What does each status on the payment page mean?


You’ll see all your payments in-app, no matter the status.


You’ll see all payments to review and create the payment.


In Paytron, you can appoint a specific person or a number of people to approve payments before the scheduled pay date for settlement.


Schedule any payment for a specific date and never miss a due date. Set up all your payments to avoid setting up reminders and manage your cash flow.

The date of a scheduled payment can be changed as long as it is adjusted before the scheduled date.


Awaiting funds means that you do not have sufficient funds to make a payment and you will need to fund your nominated account.

If you have selected direct debit as your payment option. There are occasional delays with direct debits and your payment will sit in awaiting funds until we receive the money. Once you have sufficient funds in your account, your payment will be immediately made.


Your payment is being processed and will sit here in flight for only a few moments until the funds are released from Paytron and sent to the beneficiary bank.


Any payment that Paytron was unable to complete.


Any payment that has been processed successfully or paid externally if you’re connected to your accounting software.