Paytron to Xero data map

Once you've connected your Paytron account to Xero, Paytron will automatically keep everything up to date on your behalf.

This page details how data in Paytron maps to data in your Xero organisation.


Payments in Paytron cover both Bills and Payments in Xero. When a payment is first scheduled, a corresponding Bill is created, once it's paid, a corresponding payment will be created.

Paytron Xero Notes
Global Account Bank Account Paytron is not a bank but follows the Xero terminology
Scheduled Status Awaiting Payment  
Done Status Paid  
Payment Reference Description May be used as the Bill reference if an invoice number is not provided.
Pay Date Due Date Payments in Paytron cannot be dated in the past.
Invoice Number Reference  
Account Code Account Paytron will list all of the account codes available in your Xero organisation.
Tax Code Tax Rate  
Xero Bill Date Date If no Xero Bill Date is provided, the Paytron submission date will be used instead.

Payments data

Payment mapping between Paytron and Xero, part 1  
Payment mapping between Paytron and Xero, part 2  

Flow diagram - Payments created in Paytron

Payment data flow map for payments created in Paytron

Flow Diagram - Bills created in Xero

Payment data flow map fro payments created in Xero  


Conversions in Paytron simply transfer funds from your Paytron account in one currency, to a different one.

In Paytron 2 transactions are added to your account for a conversion:

  1. A deduction of funds from the source currency, also called the sell currency.
  2. A addition of funds from the target currency, also called buy currency.

When integrated with Xero, these transactions will also be added to your Xero organisation.

Paytron Xero Notes
Transaction ID Reference Transaction Id is copied to both Reference and Payment Reference
  Payment Reference Transaction Id is copied to both Reference and Payment Reference
Settled Date Date  

 Conversions data map

Conversion mapping between Paytron and Xero  

Conversions flow diagram

Conversion data flow map for Conversions