Paytron Auto-Reconciliation with Xero

Key things to know when using the auto-reconciliation between Paytron and Xero for your bill payments.

Paytron’s auto-reconciliation feature with Xero streamlines your accounting by automatically matching your payments to your bills. However, there are some potential issues that may arise, causing the process to go out of sync. In this article, we will discuss the causes of these issues and provide helpful tips to ensure a smooth auto-reconciliation experience.

Causes of Auto-Reconciliation Issues

There are three main reasons why the auto-reconciliation between Xero and Paytron may go out of sync:
  1. Technical issues experienced by Xero
  2. Technical issues experienced by Paytron
  3. User intervention
We have made significant efforts to address technical issues on Paytron’s side, making them rare occurrences. Most of the questions coming to our support desk are related to user intervention.

Common User Intervention Issues and Solutions

Deleted Payments
The most common user intervention issue relates to the removal of payments from bills that have already been paid by Paytron. To perform auto-reconciliation, we do not use bank feeds but apply the payment directly onto the bill. If you need to remove a payment from a bill, the payment will completely disappear, unlike a bank feed. To correct a deleted payment, simply add the payment back to the bill, using the date on which the payment was made (found in the Paytron platform) and select the respective Paytron account to pay from (e.g., “PTRN-AUD - AUD Paytron” for AUD payments, “PTRN-USD - USD Paytron” for USD payments). There is no need to worry about the conversion, as it will be unaffected by the deleted payment. Remember to mark the payment as “Reconciled” in Xero after applying the payment and saving the bill.{put other user related issues here}Tips and Tricks for Smooth Auto-Reconciliation:

Xero Plan Requirement
If you are making foreign currency payments, ensure your Xero account is on the Premium 50 plan or higher, as Xero does not support multi-currency on lower plans.

Do Not Delete Paytron Accounts
Avoid deleting accounts created by Paytron. These can be easily identified as any account in your chart of accounts with a code starting with PTRN.

Complete Line Item Coding in Xero
Get your line item coding in Xero done before the payment date to avoid having to delete the payment and then re-apply it (which is the only way Xero will allow you to edit a bill if it has already been paid).

Use Bank Feed Option If In Doubt:
If you are unsure about auto-reconciliation, consider using our bank feed option. This will still keep the bill in sync with Xero, but we will push the payment as a standard bank feed, leaving the reconciliation up to you. You can then reconcile bills and payments as you always have.

By understanding the causes of auto-reconciliation issues and following the tips provided in this article, you can ensure a seamless integration between Paytron and Xero, making your accounting process more efficient and accurate.