The Paytron/Xero integration

This is no ordinary integration. It's a magical one! But don't worry, the steps you need to take to enable the integration are super simple. The purpose of the documentation to follow is to provide you with transparency around the heavy lifting we do in the background.

If you're a Xero customer, your Paytron account can be linked to Xero to make sure every transaction you do in Paytron is accounted for in Xero, in real time.

Paytron allows you to submit your bills from within Xero to Paytron for payment or alternatively you can email your bills to Paytron, which will in turn push the bills to Xero to keep the accounting up to date and in line with the status of the payment.

Paytron is currency agnostic and allows you to make international payments as well as domestic payments with the same amount of ease.

Once payments have been made, Paytron will create a Paytron Global Account as a bank account in Xero. Paytron will check if a bank account for the respective currency already exists in Xero and create one automatically if none exists.

FX conversions and bill payments are booked to the respective bank accounts in Xero, in fully reconciled status, so there is no need for manual intervention.

The following video shows an example of how a payment is processed through Paytron, which has originated through a Xero bill upload.

HubSpot Video


The following video shows an example of how a payment is processed through Paytron, which has originated through a Xero bill upload. The following articles with go into greater detail on the magical integration between Paytron and Xero:

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