How do I submit a pay run via Employment Hero?

In this short video, we'll walk you through the steps to submit a pay run via your Employment Hero account.

This video contains a walkthrough, submitting a first pay run from Employment Hero to Paytron. It assumes that you have connected your Employment Hero account to Paytron already. If you haven't done that yet, please watch that video first and complete the required steps.

We start this walkthrough on the pay run page of Employment Hero, where the first step is to create a new pay run. Before we can proceed, I need to add a couple of employees to the pay run. Now that our pay run is ready, let's go ahead and finalise it.

When that's complete, we need to click on the Payment File dropdown and then select ‘Payment File Settings’. On the popup we need to select Paytron from the dropdown and save the changes. A confirmation popup appears where we confirm that we want to save. Now that we've saved Paytron as an option, we will see a new option on the payment file dropdown. We click on send the file to Paytron, which will bring up a screen on the right. As the first step on this screen, we click on Validate Payment.

Once the payment file is validated, we now have the option to confirm. After a second or two, the pay run is successfully submitted to Paytron and the pay run status is set to Needs Approval. From here, we can follow the link, which will take us to Paytron.

Here I sign in and then select the relevant company. I'll head to the Payment screen where I will see my new payment has already appeared. Once I click Review, I see the payment screen where I can find all the details about this pay run.

I can also see each line item since my user profile has payroll view permission. I also have Payment Approve permissions, so we see on the bottom of the screen that I have the option to decline or approve the pay run. Thanks for listening, and we look forward to powering your first pay run.