How do I make a partial payment?

You can easily pay your invoice in stages over set dates chosen.

  1. Log into Paytron and click on “Payments” on the left sidebar menu

  2. Select “Make a Payment” 

  3. Choose either “Existing Beneficiary” or “New Beneficiary” and enter in the relevant details 

  4. Under “How would you like to Pay?” select “Pay in parts” 

  5. Input the relevant payment details 

  6. Choose the start date and frequency needed 

  7. Click “+ Add an instalment” to schedule the split payment across different dates  

  8. Hit “Confirm” 

*Note: Once set up, payments will be processed on the respective dates selected. You should ensure that there are sufficient funds in the account for each scheduled payment to be processed successfully. Otherwise, the scheduled payment will sit under “Awaiting funds” until there are sufficient funds available to be processed in Paytron.