How do I get my invoices onto Paytron?

There are three ways you can easily upload one or multiple invoices into the Paytron Ap.

  • Log into Paytron

  • Select “Payments” from the left sidebar menu.

  • Click “Upload Invoice”


1. Upload payments from device

  • Drop invoices or Select files from your computer

2. Email invoices

  • You can easily email-in one or multiple invoices with your unique email address into the Paytron System

  • Click copy to clipboard or copy the email address
  • Send or forward PDF/s to the unique email address
  • The invoice/s will then appear as a Draft in Payments

*Top Tip:

  • Save the email address as a contact to forward invoices directly to Paytron.
  • When using the email option, you can send as many invoices as the email server will allow

3. Connect with Xero

  • Upload documents to Xero

  • Publish invoices as unpaid to ‘Awaiting payments’

  • In ‘Awaiting Payment’, Paytron will sync all payments marked as unpaid

  • The invoice/s will then appear as a “Draft” in the Payments tab