How do I convert between my currencies?

Converting currencies is quick and easy

  • Log into Paytron

  • Click on “Accounts” from the left sidebar menu.

  • Click on “Convert Currency”

  • Select the currency you are sending from and enter the amount.

  • Select the currency you are sending to.

  • Click “Go” to confirmation.

  • Click on “Confirm”

Your Paytron account supports 37 different currencies, and you can convert between them at 0.5% above the wholesale market rate.

To bring up the conversion screen, click the ‘Convert’ button on the top menu of the Accounts page. In the Conversion component, you select the currency you wish to convert from and the currency you wish to convert to. Just below you'll see an interactive chart of the exchange rate located between the two currencies.

So to do a conversion, type an amount on either side, and the corresponding amount will appear on the opposite side. Factoring in the fees, you can see the fee breakdown by hovering ‘See details’, or switch the direction of the conversion by clicking on the button in the middle. Since the exchange rate between two currencies is always moving, the progress ring indicates the time during which the rate presented to you is locked. When it restarts, the rate is rechecked and may differ slightly.

Once you are happy, go ahead and click ‘Submit’ to action the conversion. Conversions on Paytron occur immediately if done during the week, so the funds will be available immediately. Weekend conversions will be completed on the next business day.

Once the conversion is done, you'll see a notification on the screen. As it suggests the conversion will now reflect in your balances, and you can find a record on the transactions page. You'll notice you'll also receive a notification.

Let's head to the transactions page. Here we can see two records relating to our conversion, the debit for the currency we converted from, and the credit for the currency we converted to.