How do I connect Paytron to KeyPay?

In this short video, we'll walk you through the steps to connect your Paytron account to your KeyPay account.

HubSpot Video
This video assumes that you already have both a Paytron account and a KeyPay account. If you don't, then please create both accounts first and then return to this video.
We start off on the KeyPay dashboard. From here, head to the Integrations page by clicking on Payroll Settings, then the Integrations link under the Business Management heading.
On the Integrations page, we see the option to add Paytron, click add, and on the pop-up, click Connect to Paytron. If you are already signed into Paytron, this will take you straight to the connection screen, but since I'm not, I need to sign in first.

Once that's done, we see a permission screen. Here, select your chosen Paytron account and then click Accept. This will take you back to KeyPay where the connection is in progress.

Once this step is complete, the connection is active and you can close the pop-up.