Data sharing consent

Paytron values your privacy and we only pull data from Xero that is absolutely necessary in order to facilitate a payment.

During the integration process, you will be asked to consent to authorise Paytron access to the following items and actions:

  • Read organisation details in order to retrieve your company details
  • Read Bills in an approved state in order for Paytron to make a payment
  • Read your contact and contact groups in order to determine which suppliers to pay with Paytron
  • Read your list of accounts to determine the correct account GL code and accounts to reconcile with
  • Update your Bills with the actions performed by Paytron
  • Create payment records associate to paid Bills
  • Create multi-currency Paytron bank accounts
  • Reconcile paid Bills with entries in your Paytron bank accounts
  • Contacts

As an exmple, but not limited to, we do not have access to your other bank accounts, financial statements or sales data.